A unique sponsorship package at the Latin-American Summit (LAS) provides a direct, cost-effective way of targeting new or existing clients. Whether you are launching a new product or reinforcing brand existence in your industry, sponsoring the LAS is a great way to reach exclusive audiences, business leaders, innovators, government officials, power brokers and elite business thinkers.

Marketing trends are seeing global companies use more insightful and cost effective ways of targeting their desired market. Instead of conventional ways to market a product, service or indeed a company, sponsorships are being increasingly used by corporations and international business as a way of reinforcing brand presence in their targeted industry, as well as a way of specifically targeting niche groups. Within the LAS, your company will be showcased to the very elite in the business world: the decision makers and the investors.

We are pleased to invite local and international organizations to participate in the Latin-American Summit on an exclusive number of high-level branding and promotional opportunities.

Contact us via email at sponsorships@honema.com for detailed information on sponsorship and branding opportunities for the next upcoming Latin American Summit.